PhD Students: Bruno Patrão, Samuel Pedro

MsC Student: João Seabra

 PhD Student: Bruno Patrão

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Augmented reality demos

Students: Bruno Patrão and Diogo Ribeiro

 PhD Student: Bruno Patrão

Augmented reality game 

Students: Diogo Ribeiro and  Bruno Patrão

A older work on legged robots

Students: Carlos Queiroz and Nuno Gonçalves

Estimating pointed places

Student: Gustavo Quintela

wo videos showing the Hilario expressive face using FACS Action Units

Student: António Frade.

An eyetracker using the laptop webcam

Student: Miguel Brito

Using Augmented Reality as an interaction style for a modeller

Student: Bruno Marques

An immersive augmented reality application

Bruno Patrão, MSc