Manipulation of tactile perception of objects in Mixed Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality is not a new topic of research, but with the introduction of low-cost head mounted displays (HMD) on the market, the interest of consumers, researchers and companies has resurfaced, who are seeing opportunities for various applications.

Besides content creation, there are other interesting areas of research like displays, rendering engines, motion tracking, etc. As the improvements of rendering engines and displays are enabling us to visualise more and more complex and realistic scenes, the stimuli of other senses has been lacking, restraining the user from experiencing full immersion.

This M.Sc. dissertation, intends to develop an instrumented object, with pose tracking capabilities and passive haptics, to further enhance user immersion while handling objects on Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications. The instrumented cube tracking is done by fusing data from a camera, that identifies visual markers printed on the object, and an inertial sensor inside the object.