Analysis of user concentration during interaction

The main aim of this thesis was the development of a method to infer the level of concentration when people are using computers or in a simple conversation.

Using an EyeTrack equipment (SMI iView X HED) available on ISR it is possible to analyse eye movements using predefined gaze patterns in order to evaluate and  characterize the concentration levels. But first, I started to analyse the state of the art and searching the related work in this area.

After finishing the first approach (state of the art and the related work in the area), I started to prepare the data acquisition application. The project developments are mainly on Linux, and the comunication process between the data acquisition setup and the EyeTracker software are made in socket protocol communication on C/C++, where one message is sent by user's computer and the EyeTracker PC responds with the correspondent messages.

With the comunication process completed, I started to develop a graphical interface in Tcl/Tk to present the results of the system. In this step of the project, occurred an idea that can help people with cerebral palsy to use a computer.

Unfortunately, a person with cerebral palsy may have not the ability to communicate in the same way as we do, so we thought that an eye-controlled or gaze-controlled application could help this persons counter the adversities. The idea consists in an application where, with the help of the EyeTracker equipment, the user can command with their own eyes a mouse, a virtual keyboard or communicate with other people through some pictures cards with images of daily tasks or most common verbs. In fact, the aim is to allow these people to use the computer in a way that they would not find possible.

This is the prototype for the communication application using some picture cards. The phrase can be writen using eye tracked mouse.

The idea is in development right now...